Queenswell Junior School

Year 5

achieve your goals be resilient and try your best

Welcome to Year 5


The teachers this year will be Mr Byrne 5MB, Miss Poncia 5VP and Mrs Verta 5AV. The other adults to help you are Mrs Achilleos, Ms Calliste, Miss Dunphy, Mrs Fidanboylu, Miss Lacey and Miss Lucas.




Times Tables and spellings will be given out on a Thursday and they should be handed back in the following Wednesday.
Reading 20+ minutes daily


Challenge Homework


Make a Mayan fact file

Make a Mayan temple

Make a chocolate recipe





Autumn Term 1



This half term we will be reading and discussing a range of fiction, poetry and non-fiction to better understand the Romans and their culture. We will be reading Roman myths and legends to increase the children’s familiarity with a range of texts and learn about the origin of some of their beliefs. Eventually, we will create our own simple settings, characters and basic narratives to write our own myths. In addition, we will learn about the Roman roads and track where they started from and how they were created. Children will continue to develop their reading skills through Guided Reading lessons and BIG READ comprehension lessons. Children will also have time for ‘reading for pleasure’ in the class book corner.


Autumn Term 2



We will be reading ‘Earthquake Terror’ by Peg Kehret. After twelve-year-old Jonathan Palmer’s mother breaks her ankle on a family camping trip, Jonathan and his partially paralyzed younger sister, Abby, are left alone on a deserted island off of northern California. Then a devastating earthquake hits, and suddenly, Jonathan and Abby are fighting for their lives. The text will give the children an insight into the effects of earthquakes on a habitat and it’s inhabitants. We will learn how to write with clear paragraph structure, openers/conjunctions to include evidence from the text and empathize with Jonathan. In addition, we will write newspaper articles to warn others of the devastation caused on Magpie Island, write informative leaflets to teach children how to protect themselves from earthquakes in schools and poems using figurative language.


Spring Term 1



We will be finding all about the Mesoamerican civilisations that flourished until the 16th century. We will focus primarily on the Maya and look at the other peoples that lived in the area at different times throughout history. This will give us plenty of inspiration to write information texts and our own stories using what we find out as a stimulus. We will learn how to present information in a text and develop oral presentation skills.




Autumn Term 1


This half term, our Maths focus will be on place value and number specifically addition and subtraction. We will be following the White Rose maths scheme. This will include reading, writing, adding and subtracting tens, hundreds and thousands from numbers up to one-million and rounding numbers. Mental addition by counting on and back, using column addition and subtraction using numbers up to 1,000,000. We will introduce new vocabulary and solve problems using a range of concrete pictorial and abstract methods.


Autumn Term 2


This half term, our Maths focus will be on number (multiplication and division) and statistics. We will be using the White Rose maths scheme to help the help find multiplies and common multiples, finding prime, square and cube numbers. Multiplying and dividing whole numbers by 10,100 and 1,000, using column multiplication for 4 digit number by up to 2 digits. As well as using short division of 4 digit numbers by 1 digit number. We will also introduce how to solve multistep worded questions involving a combination of operations. The children will also learn how to read and interpret data is different formats and how to solve problems using this data.


Spring Term 1


We will be learning about division and how this relates to fractions. In maths we will work with fractions to add and subtract, and find fractions of quantities which we can relate to everyday life. Times tables will continue to be covered as this relates closely to fractions.





Autumn Term 1


Our topic this term is ‘Earth and Space’. We will begin by learning how to describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. We will learn about the Sun and Earth and be able to describe the phases and movement of the Moon. We will go on to use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky.


Autumn Term 2


In science we will learn about materials and their properties. We will perform exciting experiments to find out how new substances can be formed, and test the properties of different materials. In addition, we will dissolve, mix and heat various materials and substances to show their change of state and whether they can be reversed. By the end of the term, children should be able to describe various properties based on properties such as: hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity and their response to magnets.


Spring Term 1


In this half term we will be learning about the human body. We will look closely at the digestive and circulatory system. This will involve investigations into how exercise effects our heart rate, how we can stay healthy in our everyday lives, and the impact of diet and lifestyle on our health. We will also look at the ways in which nutrients and water are transported in plants and animals.




Autumn Term 1


Year 5 will begin by revisiting the core vocabulary of the Spanish language, specifically colours, numbers, days of the week and months. We will go through the grammatical and phonetic differences to the English language and some of their own. In addition, we will learn how to introduce ourselves, ask how old someone is and respond appropriately.


Autumn Term 2


Year 5 will go through the grammatical and phonetic differences to the English language and some of their own. In addition, we will learn how to introduce ourselves, ask how old someone is and respond appropriately. Afterwards, we will introduce ways to describe a volcano and sentence structure.

Spring Term 1


In Spanish this term year 5 will cover these following topics: Desayuno en el cafe (breakfast in the cafe) Mi clase (my class).




Children will review and sign a whole class copy of the Queenswell Junior online safety rules. They will also be reminded about how to behave responsibly and respectfully online and the importance of keeping their passwords private. In Coding they will develop an understanding of the relationship between values used in code and the action of the object they relate to. They will explore setting values in code to program the speed, heading and angle of an object.


Spring 1

Coding Unit 5b Random numbers and simulations

In this coding unit pupils will consolidate their understanding of variables and how they can be used in code.  They will learn how computers can generate random numbers and how these can be used in simulations.  They will learn that the value of a variable can be programmed to generate randomly and change in response to an event or at set time intervals.

Our online safety focus for the first half of the Spring Term 2019 is Be Internet Secure: Protect Your Stuff. Children will learn how to build strong passwords for their important accounts using at least eight characters, a combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols, e.g. L3tspl@y

We will also be celebrating Safer Internet Day 2019 on Tuesday 5th February.  The theme is: Together for a better internet. During computing lessons over the week of 4/2/19 - 7/2/19 children will focus on Understanding consent in a digital world.




In this half term Year 5 in computing this term y5 are learning how to create spreadsheets and use formulas to work out simple problems.




This term Year 5 will be learning about inspirational people, they will learn why certain people are inspirational and look at a range of inspirational people from Moses to Martin Luther King.  We will also compare and contrast these people’s lives.




This term indoor PE will be focusing on dance, we will be composing, developing and adapting motifs to make dance phrases.  The children will also be using different dance terminology to identify and describe different styles. Out door PE will focus on different teamwork skills and to use these to play different games. We will also be teaching the children the importance of planning and thinking as they play different games.


Art and Design Technology


Autumn Term 1


The Romans were known for taking ideas and adapting them to suit their elegant lifestyles. In Art and DT we will design and create mosaic tiles with Roman inspired details, learn how to make intricate Celtic knots and carve Roman designs into necklace pendants.


Autumn Term 2


This term we will blend and layer paint in variety of ways in order to create texture, bake cupcakes with layers to replicate a volcano and design/create our own volcanoes using plaster of paris. This term Year 5 will also focus on Alberto Giacometti, a famous sculptor.


Spring Term 1

We will be designing and creating our own Mayan glyph tiles using clay and the kinds of materials available at the time of the Maya. We will also make Mayan head dresses using Mayan detail and designs and feathers for decoration. It was believed that the head dress denoted the status of Mayans i.e the higher the head dress the more noble the Mayan.