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Use the music page to keep up with all the latest music events, home learning and music lessons. (See pages 196 & 197 on the national curriculum page for more information about the music curriculum.)

Thinking of learning an instrument at home?

Here's some fantastic and effective interactive free music apps for apple and android devices to get you started. *Please make sure you have permission form a responsible adult at home before downloading any of the apps. 


Simple piano - Joytunes (Piano/Keyboard)

Place your iPhone, iPad or android device by your piano or keyboard and start playing, Simply Piano will immediately offer you feedback on how you’re doing. Alongside that, it offers 5 minute musical workouts, tips on how to read sheet music and comes with a wealth of fun songs for you to learn to play.


Yousician (Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keyboard/Ukulele/Singing)

Yousician will help you learn to play the piano, guitar, bass or ukulele. Offering step by step video tutorials, it will guide you from the very basics to far more advanced techniques. Over 1,500 missions and exercises are included, with specific lessons on music theory also provided. Weekly challenges keep you coming back for more.


Uberchord (Guitar)

Uberchord is like having your very own guitar teacher. It listens to how you play, adapting to your needs and providing you with personalised advice and tips. Handcrafted courses are included, teaching you all the necessary techniques while using well known songs. There’s new content each week, along with a song trainer for teaching you to play specific tracks.


SingTrue (Singing/Vocals)

Want to learn to sing in perfect tune? SingTrue is the app for you. Offering over 30 interactive exercises, it’ll help you train your voice so that you can sing easily and confidently. Using your apple or android microphone, the app analyse your singing, providing you with personal feedback. Even inexperienced singers should be surprised to learn that their voice is far better than they expected.


Voice Training (Singing/Vocals)

Voice Training works in a similar way to SingTrue, but with a little more detail. It’ll highlight which note you should be singing, alongside which pitch you’re currently singing. A series of exercises help you expand your vocal range by relaxing your voice, with singing games available to keep you keen. There’s even interval tests ready for your music grade exams.


Tiny Piano (Piano/Keyboard)

Kind of like Guitar Hero for the piano, but a little more educational, Tiny Piano is a fun starting place for the aspiring piano player. Giving you the choice of handling the timing, you can choose to play each song fast or slow. There’s over 400 songs available so there’s plenty to dive into. It’ll give you a great sense of satisfaction in no time.


Justin Guitar (Guitar)

A new inclusion to the App Store, 'Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course' offers an interactive step by step course that teaches you chords, strumming, and everything else you might need to know. Instructional videos and a 'Four Chords' guitar karaoke style paves the way, ensuring the learning curve is never too steep. Over 200 songs are included in the collection.

Music making from home - Samba band

Grab your pots, pans, buckets, salt shakers, wooden spoons, tupperware or anything that makes a noise and join in the fun with the RSNO percussionists.

Music making from home - Tuneful glasses

Create a tune using glasses, water and cutlery. Make sure you get your adults permission and supervision before you try this. Good luck !!

Choir resources and lyrics

I regret to inform you that this years music festival due to take place in June has been cancelled. I would like to thank you personally all for your hard work learning the songs. Please continue to use the resources below and the resources found on the website. Thank you all for being such an amazing choir. Keep singing !!


Accessing songs, song lyrics and other resources

- Click BSMF resources

- Enter password: BlueSky20 (case sensitive)

Mr L's songwriting challenge

Write a catchy and memorable song for Queenswell Junior School. 


1) Make sure your song is appropriate for children your age and parents/carers.

2) No copying lyrics from famous songs. 

3) Your lyrics must be original. 

4) Your lyrics must have a minimum of 2 verses and 2 choruses.

5)Your song must not be longer than 3 minutes. 


Click the link below for some top tips on songwriting.


Song theme ideas

- Anti bullying       - Staying positive                - Changes                       - A place that is special to you

- Friendship          -  Family                                - Next steps                    - Favourite hobbies

- Kindness            -  Happiness                         - Home                            - Holidays

- Empathy             - Favourite subjects            - Something you love    - World (how to make the world a better place)

- School days       - A dream or goal in life      - Pets                               - Peace (peace, love & music)


Good luck !!

You Are The Champions - Tribute to NHS

Dear NHS, You Are The Champions This is a project dedicated to the incredibly hardworking individuals in the NHS, that are fighting towards saving our nation. THANK YOU NHS !!
Peace Love Music

NHS Voices - With A Little Help From My Friends

This is the official music video for the charity single With A Little Help From Friends by NHS Voices, featuring the NHS Choir and a host of established artists. THANK YOU NHS !!
Peace Love Music

Thank You to the NHS - Lydia Andrews

Our very own Lydia Andrews has written and produced this song in appreciation for the wonderful work everyone on the front line is doing and will continue doing for many months.

Please join me by helping Lydia and showing your appreciation by donating whatever you can. 100% of the proceeds made from this song, "Thank You to the NHS" will go directly to the NHS.

Ways to donate:

Just Giving:




Music never stops

My heart will go on instrumental - piano & saxophone accompaniment in Spain. Utterly breathtaking stay home, stay safe but the music never stops. Enjoy.
Peace Love Music

Lockdown Waltz - The Corona Orchestra

121 tracks, 75 musicians, 11 countries, 3 continents. Some amazing musicians from around the world perform a beautiful Waltz. Stay home, stay safe but the music never stops. Enjoy.
Peace Love Music

UK Celebrities - 'Lockdown' charity song

Celebrities share 'Lockdown' coronavirus moments for a new charity song in aid of Telegraph appeal.

Instrument lessons

Interested in learning to play a musical instrument? Here are some options how to get you started. 



B.E.A.T (Barnet Educational Arts Trusrt) offer a wide range of instrument lessons which take place during school time. 

10 lessons per term at 15 minutes each lesson. Sign up letters are available at the main school office.

*B.E.A.T are now offering online tuition due to the current circumstances. Please click link for further details. 


Please note there must be a demand for the instrument lesson. 

See website for more information.


The Sound Garden music shop based in High Barnet high road. The Sound Garden have a range of experienced and friendly teachers who teach from complete beginners to more experienced and expert players. Lessons can be used for exam purposes and or pleasure. 


Current instrument lessons available: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, Singing, Recorder, Trumpet and Theory.

See website for more information



Al Pascal Music is a local music company set up by Alex Paschali (Mr Lysandrou's past guitar teacher). Al Pascal music have a wide range of experienced and highly trained music teachers that will make music lessons fun and ensure students reach their goals. Teachers are mobile and can cater to make sure the lessons are convenient for you. Lessons range form beginners through to professional musicians.


Instrument lessons available: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, Singing/Vocal coaching and Music workshops. 

See website for more information


Contact Details




Our very own Miss Lydia Andrews. Professional, passionate,friendly and loves everything music!! Our annual Queenswell pianist and singing coach, who helps during school play, recitals and other community events. 


Instrument lessons available: Violin, Viola, Piano, Singing, Songwriting and music producing.

Based in N20 whetstone. 

Contact Miss Lydia Andrews for further details.


Contact details:


The Real Music Clubs


Advanced Singing Club with Miss Lydia Andrews. 3:10 - 4pm. 



African Drumming with Miss Lydia Andrews. 3:10 - 4pm


Queenswell Community Choir with Mrs Clare Kaufman 6pm - 8pm



Choir with Mr Lysandrou & Miss Verta/Miss Hughes. 3:10 - 4pm




Welcome to your very first Queenswell singing challenge. See if you can achieve as many of these singing challenges throughout the year at break times, lunch times, before and after school. Get involved: parents/carers, family, friends and teachers. Time to get singing !! 



The Queenswell Sound Garden discount code

Queenswell Junior School have now opened a very special and unique account for Queenswell students, teachers and parents/carers. If you are looking to buy a new instrument,  various musical equipment in store, you can now get up to 10-15% off on your purchase (depending on mark up prices). Use discount code: MR.L in store. 


The Sound Garden Music Shop

36 - 38 High Street