Queenswell Junior School

Proposed Federation



11th December 2019




Dear Parents, Staff, and Members of the Community,

Working Better Together


We are writing to you as the Chair of Governors at Queenswell Infants & Nursery School and Queenswell Junior School to share with you the outcome of the Federation Consultation.

Yesterday evening the Governing bodies of both schools met to discuss the results of the consultation and then separately to vote on the proposal for the schools to federate.

The result was both Governing bodies voted unanimously to federate the schools.

There will be further updates in the new year as to the next steps of the process. Whilst the consultation period has ended and a decision has been made, if you do have any queries then please feel free to email

Both the governing bodies would like to thank the parents for their feedback and we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Yours faithfully,


Howard Davies


Sacha Alter

Chair of Governors, Queenswell Junior School

Chair of Governors, Queenswell Infants & Nursery School