Queenswell Junior School

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome back Year 3!

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Dear children, 

The Year 3 teachers will be posting weekly timetables to help you with your learning at home. There are links to online resources you can access from your tablets, laptops and Smartphones, as well as activities that require just a paper and pencil. These activities are to keep your brains active, for you to learn some new and interesting things and will give you a chance to get creative! We would love you to take pictures or bring in any work you have done when school is open again so that we can celebrate it! 


However, please do not stress about schoolwork! If there is anything that you are finding too difficult or are not sure of, please don’t worry… just choose another activity! The most important thing that your teachers are concerned about is that you are happy, healthy and ready to learn when we go back to school. 


Keep up the hard work. We miss you all, 

All of the teachers in Year 3 :)




Dear parents, 

The activities on here are to support you and your child at home and we hope you find them useful. However, do not stress about schoolwork! Please do not worry about your child falling behind or not completing all of the tasks - just let them do what they can and share your calm, your strength and your laughter with your children so that they are happy, healthy and ready to learn when they come back to school! Enjoy your time together. 


Take care and stay safe, 

All of the teachers in Year 3 :) 


If anyone would like a free copy of a book regarding the virus and how to explain it to your children, then please click on the following link:

Week 12 of home learning: 


We hope you enjoyed last week’s activities! The learning timetable below has all the links you will need and, like last week, the English and Maths lessons have videos for you to watch and then activities to complete. The Maths activites this week are below the timetable. 


A note about Google Classroom - Well done to those who have logged into Google Classroom and left a comment - its great to hear from you all!  If you have not yet logged on, try to do that this week after watching Mrs Smith's video. There is an assignment on there for you to complete too. Watch the following video from Mrs Smith about how to complete an assignment:


Parents could you also please make sure that you contact your child's class teacher before 29th June to let them know if your child will or will not be attending school in the final week of term.  


Good luck, enjoy and do your best!


For those of you who go out for Phonics, here are some links you can use to practise your phonics at home (this could be completed instead of some of the SPaG activities) :
Here is the learning from previous weeks in case you need to look back or want to choose any activities. 


Monday 15 June to Sunday 12 July

Draw the 'East Finchley Archer' Competition


We have teamed up with author and illustrator Rob Biddulph for a fantastic competition to draw the 'East Finchley Archer' statue.

This competition will run from Monday 15 June to Sunday 12 July. It is open to children aged 3 upwards. Draw a picture of 'The Archer' and take a photo to send in.

Email your photo to

The best drawing will be selected by Rob and the winner will receive a copy of his new book 'Draw with Rob'.



Click on these links to read the online copies of First News and The Week Junior to keep up with current affairs around the world. There are also puzzles and competitions for you to enter. Enjoy and keep reading! :-)


First News

19th June

12th June

5th June

29th May

15th-21st May

8th-14th May

1-7th May edition


The Week Junior

19th June 19th June

5th June

29th May

15th May-

8th -14 th May

 1-7th May edition


TOPPSTA Reading Challenge booklet.


TOPPSTA Summer Reading pack

Hetty's Lockdown

Dear Children

Below is a short story to help us understand Covid19 from a different view point. It is set in the Savanna and all about the animal Kingdom. The author is Talya Bruck and the illustrator is Erin Cooper, a pupil in a Barnet secondary school. Talya supports our school with health and emotional well being and many children at Queenswell have enjoyed learning with her through drama and art. If you click on this link it will take you to a short video of myself reading the story. I hope you enjoy it.  Stay safe.  Mrs Lloyd  

Hetty's Lockdown

Our Home Learning...
Picture 1 A.B from 3NK - All about anacondas!
Picture 2 A.C from 3NK - Odd & Even numbers/3x tables!
Picture 1 C.C from 3NK - A poem about life at the moment
Picture 1 A.Ch from 3NK - Maths
Picture 1 B.S from 3NK - The Sea side

V.U. from 3KW

V.U. from 3KW 1

E.H. from 3KW

E.H. from 3KW 1

N.N. from 3KW

N.N. from 3KW 1

L.T. from 3KW

L.T. from 3KW 1

Z.N. from 3KW

Z.N. from 3KW 1

A quiz for you from E.O. in 3KW:


😅proud🤔confused😯embarrassed😝disgusted 😢scared😁happy


Match the emojis to the words!

H.B. from 3KW

H.B. from 3KW 1
H.B. from 3KW 2

J.C. from 3KW

J.C. from 3KW 1