Queenswell Junior School

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Here are some ideas of learning activities that you can do at home…


Hopefully you have tried and enjoyed some of the activities below already.


Week 2 of home learning:

Here are some more ideas for your second week at home. These websites both have curriculum links but also some fun activities to keep you busy. Just click on ages 5-11 and the subject you would like to study.


For those of you who can’t print at home then here are some online resources you can use. Use the same topics below as a guide:


Here are some of the topics that we have recently covered in class that you could start with : 



  • SPAG - nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, synonyms 

  • Writing - sentences, paragraphs, handwriting 

  • Reading - comprehension focusing on different questions types. Some of you might want to practise your phonics as well! 



  • Formal written method for addition and subtraction 

  • 3, 4 and 8 times tables 

  • Formal written method for multiplication 

  • Money - counting money and converting pounds and pence 



  • Our current topic is Plants but you could also test your knowledge of the other topics we have covered in class, which were Light and Animals Including Humans  




  • Read, read, read - find a good book and make a reading camp to enjoy your story. You could write a book review afterwards for the school website! 

  • Write a story and create your own book with illustrations for our class book corners 

  • Write a poem - about anything you like! 

  • Create your own play or puppet show to perform to your adults or even record



Here are some links to useful websites with other ideas and activities: 


  • Make your own shop in your home and label items with prices. Can you practise adding amounts of money and giving change?

  • Play a board game or card game - all of these involve counting and maths in some way! 

  • Make your own card game or board game about a maths topic that interests you. You could even make your own dice and write a set of instructions!

  • Go on TT Rockstars,  practise your times tables and earn coins for your band. You can even play with your friends! (Don’t forget your login is in your homework book and is the same as your computing login) 


Here are some links to useful websites with other ideas and activities: 


  • Grow your own plant or look after a plant that is already in your house or garden. What does your plant need so that it is healthy?

  • Do a science project (see the links below for some ideas) 

  • Watch a documentary about animals on Youtube 


Here are some links to useful websites with other ideas and activities: 

Geography and History: 

  • Make your own map - this could be of your bedroom, house, street or local area

  • Research a country that interests you and learn the language (see link below)

  • Watch Horrible HIstories and learn a song. Can you make up a song of your own about a historical figure or period in History?


Here are some links to useful websites with other ideas and activities: 

P. E 


Use the Youtube link below for a daily workout:

Art and DT: 

  • Paint or draw a ‘happy picture’ and send it it to a local nursing home or elderly relative/ neighbour to make them smile 

  • Paint a rock or leaves and make a collage 

  • Bake a cake and have a tea party 

  • Make a sock puppet



See the Computing page on the school website - Mrs Smith has given you lots of links to practise your coding and typing, including a website that has a 'Daily Challenge'